This is the twelfth week of Quest 2! RP your cats in the comments to take them through this part of the quest. You must RP at least once.

The avalanche, the cats' daring and incredibly dangerous plan to take out the dogs, is upon them. Every cat will need all their wits and strength to survive, and their only hope is one another. Even then, it might not be enough--but they've come too far to give up now. Failure isn't a choice.

*I'm SO SO SO sorry this took so long. Last week of Quest though! Firey & I have planned this out :)

Note: I will roleplay all major Quest plot points in a special purple font. Please be sure to respond to one of these posts if you see one, as the most important events (i.e. fights, discoveries, major clues, etc.) will be roleplayed in this font. Thank you!

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