This week is closed for RPing. Unless you must do urgent, last minute RPing, you may not RP here.

This is the seventh week of Quest 1! RP your cats in the comments to take them through this part of the quest. You must RP at least once.

The questing cats have now realized, after and encounter with the badgers, that the border is not a place for them to lurk, and they must move on. Here is what you may RP this week:

  • Scouting around to make sure they aren't being followed by rogues
  • Reaching the border of the Clan
  • Hunting or looking for herbs to help the wounded cats.

Note: The rouges will be RPed by the admins in a special font and color. No one else is allowed to RP the rouges and you may only RP your own cat.

Good luck!

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