This week is closed for RPing. Unless you must do urgent, last minute RPing, you may not RP here.

This is the fourth week of Quest 1! RP your cats in the comments to take them through this part of the quest. You must RP at least once.

Oh no! An apprentice has caught a badger scent very near by. The cats realize that they won't be able to pass without alerting the badger! This is what you ca do this week:

  • Discuss the badger and make plots
  • Go on patrols to scent it or follow it to see where it is
  • Attack the badger
  • Celebrate victory or mourn lost cats (maybe both)

Note: The badger will be RPed by the admins in a special font and color. No one else is allowed to RP the badger and you may only RP your own cat.

Good luck with the first real obstacle of your quest!

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