This week is closed for RPing. Unless you must do urgent, last minute RPing, you may not RP here.

This is the third week of Quest 1! RP your cats in the comments to take them through this part of the quest. You must RP at least once.

The questing cats have finally left NightClan territory and are walking along the bordering plains. The thick grass and thickets can hide some delicious prey, but also a few dangerous creatures, so keep your eyes peeled. Some things your cats can do are:

  • Look for danger
  • Hunt for the group
  • Discuss the journey
  • Work together to overcome obstacles(possibly)

Note: Now that we have officially started the quest, whenever an obstacle comes up, an admin(and ONLY an admin) will post it in the comments in a different font/color. Only RPs pertaining to that obstacle go under in the replies. Thank you!

Hope your questing cat has fun on the first week of actual journeying!

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