Pawpaw (RPED by ~Maplespots~)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Black and white tuxedo tom with amber eyes.
Personality: Pawpaw is loud, egotistic, and secretive. The opposite of his siblings, he is very social around cats and won't struggle trying to make friends with strangers. However, he can be a douche at times, and is very picky when it comes to eating, which was partly the main reason why he almost died during leaf-bare. Despite his social side, he is secretive and doesn't like sharing personal subjects towards even his friends. He is a very loud tom. Knowing that being quiet won't get him anywhere good, he tries to talk as much as possible until his voice is hoarse. He usually tries to edge his mate into being the same, but gives up when she never replies. Pawpaw can become very annoying when he continues chatting, and most of the conversations he start ends with a very unhappy cat. He usually gets carried away when talking to someone else, and may boast constantly when he's in a prideful mood. His ego usually chases away other cats, but may also pull them in to be his friend. As secretive as he is, he usually talks about how amazing he is and anything that isn't a secret. Pawpaw is vain when it comes to this, and even narcissistic. He believes himself to be an amazing tom, and constantly boasts about his successful times, but always leaves out his failings and the wrongdoings. Despite all odds, he is a friendly, social cat that is eager to befriend any cat he sees.
History: Loner.
Family: His sister is Wanda.


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