Oona (RPED by Winxclubfan1)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Black and white she-cat with many scars and blue eyes
Personality: Shes friendly but very shy, The reason she is shy is because after what her mother did to her she didn't want to Talk to anyone about it, She is one of those cats who don't like eating Meat, This is because she hates hurting nature, she is also sweet, Her flaws are she can tell other peoples secrets and she can't fight without whining, she hates hunting as well, the reason she hates it is because, Well she hates hurting nature, she also is a tiny bit inpatient.
History: Born to Two unkown cats, her mother beat her for unkown reasons and One day when Her mom found out she had some friends she nearly Killed her, Luckily for Oona Her friends saw it and killed her mother.
Family: Unknown Parents


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