Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Ookami is a black tom with a fluffy white chest and underbelly and smoky blue eyes.
Personality: Ookami is a lazy tom who likes to lay in the sun and hunt mice. He can be playful and strong if he wants to be (which isn't often), and he thinks that he knows it all, all the time. When he first met Echobreeze he thought that she was the best thing ever and she was the only one he didn't treat like dirt.
History: Ookami was born a clan cat, named Wolfheart, but he didn't like clan life because he thought it was useless to risk your life for food and territory. So he took on life as a Rogue, which he enjoyed and he kind of fell in love with a Rogue named Cola but she found a mate eventually. He was heart-broken. Until he met a Clan cat patroling next to the alley. The soft gray and white she-cat was the perfect cat to match him. Her name is Echobreeze, and they eventually fall in love.
Family: Unknown or dead

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