Nightmare (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Slender, short-furred black tom with emerald-green eyes and a tiny white dash on his chest. He has scarred ears, and he is blind in his left eye due to an earlier incident (see History) which led to that. His paws and ears are small.
Personality: He is mostly serious and mature. Nightmare often gets lost in thought, completely ignoring anyone who tries to speak to him. He likes to run, and he's really fast. He is often wary of cats he doesn't know if he can trust, mostly Clan cats. He is curious about the Clan's way of life, even though he doesn't want to join them. He lives in the Alley, and often hangs out with Hikaru. Often argues with Hikaru, since the two are pretty different.
History: Nightmare was a kit in a far away Clan at first, but after his left eye was scratched and blinded, he ran away, feeling worthless. He was attacked by two rogues. The rogues left him bleeding, expecting him to die. A Twoleg found the little kit, and took him in and cared for him. The Twoleg released Nightmare when he was old enough the hunt and fight for himself. Nightmare feels grateful to the Twoleg, and thought that all Twolegs were good. After approaching one carelessly, he was caught and taken to a place filled with animals (a shelter). Nightmare was quickly adopted by a young female Twoleg. When his cage's door was opened, he leaped out onto the floor and ran to the door leading outside. He escaped to the Alley, where he now lives. He then learned about NightClan, and he wonders if they would accept him as a warrior. He forgot about this thought; they wouldn't accept a half-blind cat, he thought. Nightmare likes his life as a loner, regardless.
Family: Unknown



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