Nightheart (RPED by Bluestar1246)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: A silvery, blackish she-cat with four white paws like they were dipped in white, a white muzzle, a white tail tip and ear tips, and chest. Her blue eyes seem to shine a bright as any star.
Personality: Fun, humorous, sarcastic, a HUGE troublemaker, and she is a bit insane. She is also a bit shy to new cats, since her mother was killed, and her mother was supposed to help her, and she had a father who would always abandon her in the forest when he took her out as a kit. So she basically had a mean father.
History: Her father, was mean to her. Her mother died in battle, destroying a part of her. Tawnypelt drowned herself, due to her kits all dying. Her brother was killed by his father.
Family: Sharpfang (Father), Leopardmoon (Mother, Deceased), Tawnywhiskers (Sister, Deceased), Smokeheart (Brother, Deceased), Rippleclaw (Mate, Silver tom with green eyes).
Apprentices: none

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