Nighthawk (RPED by Emeraldfire8)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Black tom w/ fur thats edged with blue, giving him a midnight look. Blue eyes.
Personality: Rude. He is very mean, and snappy to most cats that don't like him. He is also sensitive if you are rude to him, to. But you better watch out because he is so rude, that once he made a kit cry. Nighthawk can also be as nice as a flower, but not usually. He doesn't like NightClan that much. Is a clean freak for his pelt.
History: Born in NightClan, and has never liked it. Says they have to little battle, or they don't have any skill. His mother and father died because of an omen, and he never got to know any other cat. But, one day, a cat named Sundapple came along and he totally fell in love with her, only to be rejected. Thats how he got so rude.
Family: Unknown.
Apprentices: N/A


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