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StarClan - You can roleplay your dead cats here, and meet other former members of NightClan! Or, you can watch the doings of Clan life from the stars above!

The Dark Forest - Explore the darkest corners of the skies! The evil cats who once roamed the forest dwell here, spending each passing minute plotting revenge.

The Alley - Wondering what the rogues and kittypets or the streets are up to? Gossip, plan and try to fetch some food right here!

Clan Meeting - Stormstar calls! Let's see what he has to say; perhaps its a ceremony or maybe he is going to declare battle against the rogues.

Leader's Den - Speak to Stormstar; the leader of NightClan. He has time for all of his cats and I'm sure he'd love to hear what you have to say.

Medicine Cat's Den - Caught the worst case of greencough? Got a thorn stuck in your pad? Recovering from the latest battle wounds? This is where you should go!

The Star Pool - Speak to StarClan! Note that you need medicine cat permission/assistance to come here for it is sacred land!


Ninja -- B'CRAT
Misty -- ADMIN
Icy -- ADMIN
Jet -- ADMIN

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