Mousepelt (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Small, mousy looking tom. Pale gray tom with big, green eyes, and a red nose which shines out against his fur.
Personality: Mousepelt is an intelligent, strategic cat. He loves to hunt, and is usually successful, proving that size is no matter. However, he's usually quiet and anti-social. However he's a natural leader, and great under pressure, but he'd rather only talk to his sister and those he trusts. Mousepelt isn't great at making new friends, as no matter how confident he might sometimes seem, he's still afraid of being mocked due to his size.
History: Mousepelt was born to Willowsong and Thunderwhisker. His mother was a sickly, coughing mess, although she was beautiful. Thunderwhisker, his father, was a selfish and arrogant cat, although he was a great fighter and hunter. Although Willowsong was utterly useless, Thunderwhisker saw her for her beauty. They had two litters of kits. The first was two kits, Amberwing and Cloudpaw, a cocky young tom who died as an apprentice. Willowsong, although heartbroken, was used to getting everything she wanted, and she wanted perfect kits. But by this time, she was extremely sick, and Thunderwhisker was starting to get annoyed. A bit before the kits were born, Thunderwhisker drowned. And Willowsong died giving birth, too weak to carry on. Two of the kits were stillborn, and Amberwing, Amberpaw at the time, helped him.
Family: Mother, Willowsong, father, Thunderwhisker, sister, Amberwing, deceased brother, Cloudpaw.
Apprentices: N/A


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