Mouseheart (RPED by SpencerFanGirl123)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: Mouseheart is a medium sized she-cat whose fur is mostly grey, but she has a few small white patches around her nose and on her cheeks. Her eyes are light green.
Personality: Mouseheart is very gentle, motherly, sensitive, and protective. She especially loves kits, and will often act as a guardian to them. Many of the kits in the clan will visit her and ask her to tell them a story, which she gladly does.
History: Mouseheart was a former Kittypet who stumbled into NightClan and was accepted by StormStar, the leader. Later, she adopted Cloverkit, after his parents were tragically killed. Although she is a friend to all kits, she herself has never had any kits of her own.
Family: Her foster kit, Cloverkit.
Kits: Foster - Cloverkit

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