Mouse (RPED by Tanglefrost101)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Small tortoiseshell she-cat with brown patches.
Personality: Mousetail is a quiet cat who lacks the ability to fully trust and open up to others. When she does befriend a cat, she sort of becomes emotionally dependent on them. She takes it personally when a cat she loves either leaves or dies. She gets very angry, and somehow thinks it is her fault. Even though she is quiet normally, she's not afraid to yell at another cat if they annoy her. She has a strong dislike for Izaya, because she sees him as arrogant and thinks he is the reason Ice left NightClan. She has feelings for Ice.
History: Mousetail developed strong feelings for Ice and was devastated when he left. After confronting him, she thought Izaya was responsible. Mousetail's mother died when she was still a kit. As an apprentice, she was mentored by Birchwhisker. After feeling like she didn't belong in the Clan, she left NightClan with Jetstorm, took him as her mate, and changed her name to Mouse.
Family: Jetstorm is her mate, Thornpelt is her father and Fernshade is her sister.


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