Gold Medal

This cat participated in the leaf-bare Quest.
NightClan is extremely grateful for their effort.

Mistybird (RPED by Mistybird )

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Mistybird is a blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes and black paws.
Personality: Mistybird is a cheerful, friendly, sarcastic she-cat. Mistybird does long for a mate, though she is loyal and would never dream of having kits which might derail her duty as a deputy/warrior. She is terribly afraid of spiders, and goes from brave to freaking out in about one second. Mistybird is smart and cunning, causing some to dis-trust her. Her boldness has earned her many enemies throughout the Clans. She's a tomboy(what would cats call that, tomtom?), having grown up with three brothers.
History: She thinks she's Clan born...
Family: TBA
Apprentices: None yet


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