Miststripe (RPED by Wetstream)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Long haired grey tabby she-cat with dark green eyes.
Personality: She is very sarcastic she-cat who won't stand for annoying cats in the Clan. She can get excited easily, but finds fighting and battles to be boring. She's more for exploring rather than slicing her claws through a cat, however if it comes to it, she will fight to protect her friends.
History: Miststripe was born as a kittypet, but her Two-legs left her and her family alone on the streets. She never really understood why her once loving housefolk abandoned her, but she tries not to think much of it. As a loner she broke off from her family, trying to seek a group to join. Upon seeing NightClan, she decided it'd be best to join.
Family: Mother: Lilac Sisters: Frosty, Nibbles Brother: Stratus
Apprentices: TBA


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