Miststream (RPED by Miststream)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: She is a gray tabby with darker gray stripes, green eyes and a pink nose.
Personality: Miststream is always kind and caring and will always give you a hand. You'll never catch her without a smile on her face! She loves being friends—once her friend, always her friend.
History: As a kitten, Miststream was born and raised in a far off group called Zyeleph, a small group of cats living isolated far away. But for the Zyeleph cats the terrain become unsuitable to live in. They were forced out, and Miststream had to come to, though she was still a kitten. But during a terrible story in the middle of the journey, Miststream was separated from her mother. They had moved blindly in the thrashing rain, leaving her behind. She never found her way back. But she did find NightClan, a group of cats she had stumbled upon while trying to survive without anyone. By this time she was old enough to become a warrior, but she dutifully trained for the Clan's acceptance. And the kindhearted Clan took her in, as an apprentice named Mistpaw, and later known as Miststream. Miststream plans to have kits someday, though not to the near future, as she believes she has much life ahead of her before that time comes.
Family: n/a
Apprentices: n/a

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