Mistkit (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Shortish-medium-furred black she-cat with pale brown underside + pale whitish-grey eyes.
Personality: Mistkit's personality is best described as either hostilely kuudere, or aloofly tsundere. She lacks the ability to open up to others fully, and is a little passive-aggressive (almost to the point of being cunningly manipulative), vaguely paranoid and stern. She also lacks a proper sense of humour, apparently either taking nearly anything said by other cats seriously as she hasn't a care for their jokes and/or cajoling, or responding in an excessively dry/sarcastic way, and usually refuses to do anything she considers demeaning or at the price of humiliating herself. Mistkit is exceedingly good at making sarcastic comments and complaining, using this as a mask to cover a more empathetic and timid side, but after a two-moon disappearance, she's begun to drop her mask and work on creating a new one. She has an almost unnatural trust in Izaya, and is despairingly bad at showing her true emotions.
History: Clan-born
Family: Siblings: Ashphodelkit, Blazekit, Squirrelkit, Sandkit and Ravenkit
Mother: Yellowshade


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