Mika (RPED by Fuzzypelt)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: A young cream colored she-cat with fiery amber eyes.
Personality: She is very tsundere; seeming to be cold, rude, harsh, and spiteful by first glance, but deep inside she is a soft, sweet, warm and considerate cat, that is if you can get close enough to her. Mika always feels like she is alone and tries her best to push other cats away in fear of them leaving her like others before them. She always say things she regrets, and usually mean the opposite of what she just said. Mika gets very angry easily and will usually throw your anger out at others and tends to do almost whatever she wants.
History: Mika was born in a rich family as a kittypet. When she was older she was rejected by the twolegs and family continuous times and finally ran away from them into the forest, living as a loner. A few times she had met some other cats, traveling with them, but later they all seemed to push her away, and soon after leaving her to fend for herself. Later she found NightClan and decided to join as an apprentice knowing she won't be able to live on her own. Since then she lived among the clan cats.
Family: Mother: Sugar, deceased. Siblings: All unknown.
Apprentices: N/A

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