Meadowbrook (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: StarClan Warrior
Appearance: Pretty calico she-cat with yellow-green eyes. In StarClan she took on a silvery tint which compliments her soft, well-groomed fur. Her fur is gray, not black, with a spot of white on her neck, and a white muzzle, chest, paws, and belly with orange and gray spots all over her.
Personality: Meadowbrook is a sweet, caring cat, although she can be an attention hog. She often pushes others away to be in the spotlight, but she is very loving to those she cares about. It takes a while for her to trust you. She can be mean and sassy, but she is more often kind. She won't go out of her way to help strangers, but she'll be a good friend to those who warm up to her. No matter how tough she may seem, she's actually very shy and would rather not speak first. Meadowbrook is agile and quick, but actually quite lazy, although she will help the Clan, which she'd rather do then help one cat alone.
History: Meadowbrook and her sister, Sprucefall, were born far from NightClan, by a farm. Their name changed many times in their life, and their mother deemed them Spot and Patch. They both had eye problems, and their parents and healthier siblings left them when they were merely a month old. Twolegs found them, and treater their problems. Patch/Sprucefall's was more severe, and Spot/Meadowbrook became the dominant sibling. Still, they loved each other. They were placed in a shelter for two moons, renamed Katie and Allison. They were soon adopted, and renamed Lulu and Lola. At first the pair were extremely frightened, but they learned to trust the two-legs, especially the youngest one. They began to get comfortable, but reason unknown to Lulu, Lola left for a week, and encountered NightClan. When she came back, she tried to convince Lulu to come. Lulu refused, and the two grew apart. Finally Lulu agreed, and they left. Lulu still was no longer fond of her sister, and in NightClan was renamed Meadowpaw. Now, with so many cats, she rarely talked to her sister. They were named warriors, Meadowbrook and Sprucefall, and Meadowbrook began to fall ill. The medicine cats were mystified, and they agreed for her to go back to the two-legs, where they discovered something and did surgery on her. They found out they were wrong, and she had a fatal disease. She did not make it through the night.
Family: Sprucefall. Others, unknown to her.
Death: Fatal disease


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