Maripaw (RPED by EnderCursty)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Orange she-cat with blue eyes.
Personality: Maripaw's personality is fairly hard to explain. When she was a kit she had a lot of imaginary friends and always in a hyper mode and... naive. After her parents died she was adopt by Pineheart, he had taught her many about life. Maripaw changed alot after the incident, now she is calm, quiet, sometimes a bit cold. Maripaw is quite precocious to normal cats, and sometimes mischievous. She is an idol/fan of Pineheart.
History: Her mother is a rogue and his father is a clancat. They died becauseof a monster. Adopted by Pineheart afterwards.
Family: Pineheart (Older Brother)
Mentor: Pineheart



>w< so cute.

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