Maplepaw (RPED by ~Maplespots~)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: White with orange spots, some dark, and pretty forest green eyes. She has short fur, but it's also quite fluffy and silky. Her fur is mostly a pure, shiny white, but she has a bright orange splash on her tail, and her front paws. Her back paws are dark orange. She has a mask of bright ginger over her eyes, and dark orange ears. Her spots are not tabby, and seem to be a little less soft than the rest of her pelt.
Personality: Usually quite happy and bright, but often gets really angry or upset. She quickly goes back to normal though. She also has times when she acts almost like she wants to kill someone, but these times are only when she's very angry, and last for short periods of time. She doesn't seem to have any particular ambitions in life, although she is quite clever, and a good fighter. She enjoys passing the time by practicing battle moves and playing games with her friends, as well as guessing which warriors and apprentices are in love.
History: She was born a kittypet, but her owners abused her and almost never fed her. They called her "cat" or "the cat" instead of her actual name. They hadn't wanted her, but an old lady who was good friends with them died and left them her pregnant cat, who gave birth to only one kitten, who the old lady had instructed them to name "Maple". One day, she managed to escape, and she found NightClan. At first everyone made fun of her, but she soon made lots of friends. There are still some cats who prefer not to associate with her.
Family: Her mother is a kittypet, and her father is unknown.
Mentor: N/A


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