Loudclaw (RPED by Loudclaw)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Silver tabby tom with three black stripes going down his back, head down. He has a black tail tip, and his eyes are emerald green
Personality: Loudclaw is a loyal warrior. He's very caring for his friends and his Clanmates, and he will do what he knows to be right. In the heat of battle, he is relentless, to the point of the Warrior Code. He will NOT kill without reason. He is very loyal to StarClan. He won't lose faith, even when something similar to a hidden Clan is shown to exist. He will defend his beliefs to the death. He will always fight for his friends, and his family. He stands alongside his Clanmates, ESPECIALLY his mate, as if they were equals to him.
History: Loudclaw began life as a loner, his name being Silver. As a kit, he moved around a lot with his two littermates and parents, until one day at three moons old... Three badgers had cornered his parents and the three kits. The badgers being focused on his parents, who were putting up a fight, Silver had fled when his parents yowled for him and his littermates to. But his littermates had no chance. As they bolted, two of the badgers went for each of Silver's littermates, the oldest badger keeping with his parents. Green eyes wide with shock, Silver watched, horrified, as his littermates were torn apart in front of his eyes. He let out a yowl, as loud as he could, and bolted away, hearing the badgers turn back on his parents... He would have nightmares forever. Soon, a patrol of NightClan warriors had caught up with Silver. They'd fought off the badgers, they told him, but he was also told that his parents had been killed by the time they'd arrived. He was taken into NightClan, raised as one of them. His name became Loudkit. At six moons, Loudkit received his apprentice name and began training immediately. He excelled in battle training, especially techniques to take down badgers. And he had reason to. He was also proficient in hunting skills, which would help him later on. He earned his name with flying colors.
Family: Unknown
Death: Killed whilst killing Spottedfire's evil side.


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