Leafy (RPED by Whitefeather09)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Leafy is a dappled brown-black-ginger torbie she-cat with black tabby stripes and a long, thin tail. Her eyes are a leafy yellowy-green, and she has a snow-white throat, chest, belly, and basically her underside, along with her front paws and hind paws.
Personality: Leafy is a friendly and outgoing cat who really wants to be friends with everyone. However, she can be easily stressed by not getting enough sleep, or being woken from a nap, and she can be really snarky. But most of the time, she's really social and talks a lot with other cats, not really caring what others say about her or the cats she talks to. She doesn't understand anything about the warrior cat clans, and asks a lot of questions about it. She's also very curious and slightly nosy, although she hates gossip.
History: Leafy was born as a kittypet, but didn't like the life of a kittypet since it was so controlled, so she left her Twolegs, and ran around freely. Another reason she left was because of her old name, Fluffy. She became a loner, and named herself Leafy after another loner described her eyes like greenleaf leaves.
Family: Cola (Mother, status unknown), Oka (Father, status unknown), Fuzzy (Sister, status unknown), Snowball (Brother, status unknown)


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