Lakestorm (RPED by Razor.paws)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Lakestorm is a handsome russian blue tom cat with large pale green eyes. He has a muscular build and a tall stature. He is 23 moons old.
Personality: Lakestorm is a hothead, he can quickly snap at a fellow cat if annoyed or bothered. Due to his short temper, not many cats get along with him. He is also a very vain cat. He sees himself as better than everyone else, which also adds on to why cats don't like him. He does have a soft side though, but only for those he cares most about.
History: Lakestorm was born from two unknown cats in the clan and grew up with a pretty normal life. He was very sweet as a young kit and apprentice. But he saw his father die from a fox, causing him to go a bit insane for a while. He had a lot of mood swings as an apprentice, but he mainly focused on anger, which drove his madness for a while. He managed to control it a bit, then became a warrior and matured a bit.
Family: Unknown
Apprentices: N/A


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