Konoa (RPED by KissMyAxe:3)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Black tom with white paws/legs. He has bright yellow eyes, However, in his "monster/dark mode" his eyes are a crimson red.
Personality: Normally a sweet tom with a bad case of amnesia. He doesn't remember what he was doing before he joined Nightclan. However, he has a chance of changing personalities, when he is in his "Dark mode" his personality is more twisted and evil, almost insane.
History: He was born with three sisters, who mysteriously died, and his mother. After witnessing his "dark mode", or as she called, his "monster", she abandoned him. He lived on his own until stumbling into Nightclan. He remembers none of this.
Family: Three unnamed sisters and mother; father unknown.
Apprentices: None


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