Kitkat (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: light brown tabby with brilliant green eyes. Despite having thin fur, she has a significantly bushy tail.
Personality: A sassy she-cat like her friend Frosty and always quick to react. Her tongue is sharp, and her tone is almost never friendly. She's cocky, and though her fighting skills are sharp, she's horrible at hunting. She also loves to groom her fur, and she grooms it constantly to make sure there isn't any "dust" on it. If she sees anything on her fur, she goes insane and she abandons whatever she's doing and just continues to groom her fur, even in danger.
History: Kitkat's mother was actually a Clan cat, which one, Kitkat doesn't know. Long ago, her mother left NightClan and made Kitkat into a rogue. When she was born, she actually had a younger brother, but he died. Kitkat loves to talk about other cats, and she hangs out mostly with her best friend, Frosty.
Family: Mother is deceased, father she never knew. Little brother is also dead from sickness. Best friend, Frosty


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