Karsi (RPED by MetroMara)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Karsi is a slim she-cat, a former loner who was a little more used to the colder temperatures and is unusually more comfortable during leaf-bare. She has a dark pelt, somewhere between dark brown and black depending on the way the light is where she stands, with piercing blue eyes that some people might see as green from where they stand. As a former leader of a briefly formed loner group, she left for her own safety with her kits when her mate was killed by a rival group - and that is visible in her physique; slim but well muscled and experienced in the arts of fight and flight. She stands in a way that makes her seem tense, often flicking her tail from side to side.
Personality: Karsi is predominantly protective, as she has always been; of her group, of her kits, even disregarding her own safety for that of others. However, it is difficult to gain her trust as she has been a naturally suspicious cat ever since a rogue group they had considered their ally turned their backs on them in a crucial situation. Ever since then she has been more careful, as this 'ally' had been a traditional enemy for years past - she had begun to believe they had come round, but in the face of danger the bond had proved feeble. Once you gain her hard-earned trust, she will shield you persistently - with the experience of life or death situation and the sacrifice of both family and friend, any more loss of those close to her horrifies her. In fact it is one of the only things that truly make her terrified - she lost her parents and her two brothers, and she knew someone who had lost all six of his siblings. Despite her natural suspicion she is capable of a certain quick-witted sarcasm although a very grounded cat overall.

She is well trained and quick paced in battle, having to fight for her own survival throughout her long journey to escape the past. She does, however, seem to have a certain motherly instinct when it comes to all children and not simply her own - with many morals, including the fact that she will not under any circumstances harm children for her, or anybody's ends. While she accepts this might be a costly complex for her to continue to have later on, the welcoming nature of the Clan removes the need for moral-discarding actions most of the time. She tries to make sure everyone around her is responsible and cared for, her ultimate motivation being the wellbeing of those she loves despite her hard shell she made for herself. Her Myers Briggs Type is ISFJ - Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging.
History: Karsi was born in a group, and taught to support that group; although not a clan, they were a community with a similar kind of make up but more compassionately aimed. Her father was the leader of sorts, and her mother the closest thing to the medicine cat; she appeared to pick up both attributes from her parents. Her best friend was one of seven, and she the eldest - one of three she-cats in a litter of five. As the first born 'heir' as it were, unlike the clans the firstborn (or indeed last surviving as the colder climate they lived in was a harsh one) was to succeed, and Karsi was brought up to be that. She attempted rather successfully to keep her arrogance in check, humbling herself with her mother's work whenever it was felt she might start boasting.

Her father began to train her a little earlier than the average apprentice, alongside her two sisters - her two brothers were as yet considered weaker in comparison to the healthier she-cat. Kommissarin's jealousy was easily palpable right from the get go, while Katrine was more sarcastically aligned without really wanting any claim to the leadership of the group. When a group who had long since been the only nemeses of theirs turned friend, their original friends turned hostile in fury of the unorthodox alliance - tensions ran high for a long time, until finally they attacked for the first time when Karsi was just past twelve moons, the age of a young warrior, although there were really no such positions as apprentice or warrior. All was generally equal between them.

Karsi lost her two younger brothers, Pieter and Kaspar, as well as both of her parents. Much pressure was placed on her to lead, and although the young warrior tried her best to support everyone she rapidly began to forget her own wellbeing. A slightly younger tom, a chipper lad who her parents had very much liked - Soren, who Karsi herself had never really cared for because of his taste for the more superficial, made sure she ate and cared for herself, and sometimes made her when she refused. Eventually she was indebted to him, however much she hated owing anyone the slightest little thing, and became his mate - giving birth to his two kits, Mathia and Yohanna.

In this period while Karsi was nursing her kits, with Soren as de facto leader as a sort of consort, they were at their most vulnerable. Ironically the group chose then to attack, killing Soren, and her best friend's six brothers - and her best friend too, but Karsi still reaches out to their equivalent of StarClan to grasp her. It was the urge of the group, turning away Karsi's selfless nature and begging her and her family (including her sisters) to flee, for her kits' sake. Karsi stayed one more night to say goodbye to everyone she knew and ran that morning, leaving the most experienced warrior, Jon, in charge. In her heart they knew they'd be gone before long and on occasion they still haunt her; sometimes she even hates them for using her motherly instincts against her.

On the journey her and her sisters as well as kits benefitted from the kindness of several individual loners, and a few walkers who were apparently never home (not that she would ever talk about that for the sake of her pride - behind her normal personality she hides a very proud heart) until she encountered a patrol from a group which called themselves NightClan, graciously offering their help. In return she told her story, but due to her lack of belief in StarClan and her lack of Clan blood...she fears that she will never belong no matter how long she stays.

In secret she fears her kits will fit in even less than she, so she tries to protect the kits and warn them against trusting too easily. In the beginning she could not trust NightClan but now she finally feels that she might just trust a few...sometimes, though, she looks into the wilderness and misses the way of life. The way her world was turned upside down, hers, Kommissarin's and Katrine's, has made the tight knit threesome so much closer - especially when there's no more jealousy to harbour between herself and them. The responsibility of being a leader so young was such a pressure that she understands how hard it is to be a leader - meaning she also understands the need to do as you are told to keep things working.
Family: Family: Kommissarin - sister (alive) Katrine - sister (alive) Pieter - brother (deceased) Kaspar - brother (deceased) Soren - mate (deceased) Mathia - kit Yohanna - kit
Apprentices: none

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