Kage (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Rogue, poses as a warrior.
Appearance: Kage is a white tom with pale blue eyes.
Personality: He is vain and power-hungry, yet also persuasive and talkative. Kage may be sinister and selfish, but he is also cunning and sophisticated. With his main goal being leadership, Kage can be charismatic at time, always willing to keep spirits up with a well-placed speech. His allies get treated well, due to the fact that the entire ordeal would be harder if he was on his own. You can think of him as a con man, playing everyone to get what he wants.
History: He was born with his brother, the only two kits in his parents' only litter. Kage was considered the runt of the litter, leading him to stay indoors more than his brother. As they grew older, his brother became the family favorite, leading Kage to become jealous. So, one day before his brother's warrior ceremony, Kage met him at the stream. Faking an air of love, Kage congratulated his brother on the accomplishment. Making his way closer to his brother, he pushed him off the edge. Thinking that it was a game, his brother smiled and tried to get back on shore. Kage reached toward his brother's head, and shoved it into the water, drowning him. The death of his brother caused his parents a lot of grief, eventually leading to their deaths. Though he stayed in the Clan as Cloudheart, it was simply a cover. If he wanted to be NightClan's leader, he had to be in NightClan. He was in reality, a rogue. Or a rouge leader- he became leader of a rouge group. So he now plots to become leader.
Family: All deceased.


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