Mousepelt and Amberwing ✔

Mousepelt ✔

Rank: Warrior

Description: Small, mousy looking tom. Pale gray tom with big, dark brown eyes, and a red nose which shines out against his fur.

Personality: Mousepelt is an intelligent, strategic cat. He loves to hunt, and is usually successful, proving that size is no matter. However, he's usually quiet and anti-social. However he's a natural leader, and great under pressure, but he'd rather only talk to his sister and those he trusts. Mousepelt isn't great at making new friends, as no matter how confident he might sometimes seem, he's still afraid of being mocked due to his size.

History: Mousepelt was born to Willowsong and Thunderwhisker. His mother was a sickly, coughing mess, although she was beautiful. Thunderwhisker, his father, was a selfish and arrogant cat, although he was a great fighter and hunter. Although Willowsong was utterly useless, Thunderwhisker saw her for her beauty. They had two litters of kits. The first was two kits, Amberwing and Cloudpaw, a cocky young tom who died as an apprentice. Willowsong, although heartbroken, was used to getting everything she wanted, and she wanted perfect kits. But by this time, she was extremely sick, and Thunderwhisker was starting to get annoyed. A bit before the kits were born, Thunderwhisker drowned. And Willowsong died giving birth, too weak to carry on. Two of the kits were stillborn, and Amberwing, Amberpaw at the time, helped him.

Family: Mother, Willowsong, father, Thunderwhisker, sister, Amberwing, deceased brother, Cloudpaw.

Extra: N/A

Amberwing ✔

Rank: Warrior

Description: Amberwing is a ginger tabby with big, brown eyes, like her brother. She's slightly small, but that is barely noticeable. She has a long tail with a white tip, and a white stomach.

Personality: Amberwing is a fiesty, loud cat. She's protective of her friends and family, and she's tough to make friends with as you need to be able to stand her constant arguing and protective nature. But if you can but up with that, she's a sweet, funny cat. She's loyal to her friends and always remembers her enemies. Amberwing will hold a grudge, and never forgets something you to her friends or little brother, who she is especially fond of. If you get in a fight with her, it will likely go on for a while as she is stubborn and refuses to admit defeat, no matter how wrong she knows she is. However, she usually fights for the right thing, and is a good cat to have on your side.

History: Amberwing was born to Willowsong and Thunderwhisker. Her mother was a sickly, coughing mess, although she was beautiful. Thunderwhisker, her father, was a selfish and arrogant cat, but he was a great hunter and fighter. Even if Willowsong was useless, Thunderwhisker saw her for her beauty only. They had two litters of kits, and Amberwing was born in the first, with her brother, Cloudpaw. Cloudpaw was a cocky, arrogant Tom, much like his father who died as an apprentice thinking he could take on a fox. Amberwing never really got over that, but never mentions it. Willowsong was also heartbroken, but she was used to getting everything she wanted, and she wanted perfect kits. Amberwing did not fit that description, and even though she was very sick, she still had another litter of kits. Thunderwhisker was getting tired of being cooped up in the nursery, listening to Willowsong's whining, and he became reckless. He died before the kits were born, and Amberwing, merely an apprentice then, went into a state of despair. Her father and her brother, the only cats who had ever truly loved her, gone. Her mother died kitting Mousepelt, her younger brother, who was the only surviving kit. Amberwing, still an apprentice, protected him and taught him. But no matter how tough she may appear, she still yearns for a cat to love her.

Family: Deceased mother, Willowsong, deceased father, Thunderwhisker, deceased brother, Cloudpaw, brother, Mousepelt.

Extra: N/A

Both by Mistybird.

And approved by me c: Loving you will be the last thing I do.

Marvel, Azure, Aster ✔

Marvel ✔

Name: Marvel

Rank: Kittypet

Description: Marvel is an ebony black tom with scrawny ears and sapphire ocean eyes. Very handsome, he is quite tall with sleek fur and soft paws.

Personality: Quick, fierce, unpredictable, protective, self-assured.

History: Born a kittypet, Marvel 's owner has had him since he was born, who happens to be an elderly woman living at a farm. There's no animals there anymore, just her and the three toms. Her husband died years ago and she had to sell all the livestock. Happy with his life, he enjoys cuddling with his owner and playing around with his two little brothers, Azure and Aster.

Family: Azure, Aster

Extra: N/A

Azure ✔

Name: Azure

Rank: Kittypet

Description: Azure is a black and white cat with sleek fur and azure blue eyes, which is where he gets his name from. He has soft paws like his brothers. Quite tall, he is notably handsome with his long legs which can make him run far distances.

Personality: Adventurous, fierce, active, caring.

History: Born a kittypet, Azure and his littermate Aster were tough little kitties when they were young. Their owner has had them since they were born, who happens to be an elderly woman living at a farm. There's no animals there anymore, just her and the three toms. Her husband died years ago and she had to sell all the livestock. Happy with his life, he enjoys running and playing around with his brothers, Marvel and Aster.

Family: Marvel, Aster

Extra: N/A

Aster ✔

Name: Aster

Rank: Kittypet

Description: Aster is a black and white cat with sleek fur and ocean blue eyes. He has soft paws like his brothers. Quite obese. Medium sized; not tall, but not small.

Personality: Goofball, glutton, snob, lazy.

History: Born a kittypet, Aster and his littermate Azure were tough little kitties when they were young. Their owner has had them since they were born, who happens to be an elderly woman living at a farm. There's no animals there anymore, just her and the three toms. Her husband died years ago and she had to sell all the livestock. Happy with his life, he enjoys eating a lot and playing around with his brothers, Marvel and Azure.

Family: Marvel, Azure

Extra: N/A

All by The Republic Rebellion.

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Name: Berrypaw

Rank: Apprentice

Description: Berrypaw is a beautiful she-cat with a sleek white fur coat with brown patches, including (almost) black stripes. Her eyes are a cyan type color. Her legs are rather long, excellent for running far distances. Also, her ears are straight in some kind of bat shape.

Personality: Berrypaw is a rather protective, optimistic and cheerful she-cat who enjoys running, but also sleeping. She is very picky when it comes to food and enjoys a white furred mouse than a brown one, because they're a 'terrible taste'. Swimming is one of her favorite activities which is quite unusual as her family hates water. Furthermore, Berrypaw loves to hunt with her half-brother Moonheart, who happens to be her mentor too.

History: Clanborn, her mother died when she was born and never knew her father too. Raised by her half-brother and mentor Moonheart, she grew up to be a lively and carefree she-cat. She was once kidnapped by Pandora, daughter of Star, who was an infamous cat who tried to take over NightClan, but quickly killed by Berrypaw's sibling Moonheart. Pandora ruled it out as a threat to everyone in NightClan that she would avenge her mother's death. Now safe, she is kept inside the camp and is only allowed out with a grown up cat.

Family: Moonheart

Mentor: Moonheart

Extras: N/A

Made by The Republic Rebellion. --Eternal happiness 16:35, December 31, 2014 (UTC)

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Mouseheart and Cloverkit 

Name: Mouseheart 

Rank: Queen

Description: Mouseheart is a medium sized she-cat whose fur is mostly grey, but she has a few small white patches around her nose and on her cheeks. Her eyes are light green.

Personality: Mouseheart is very gentle, motherly, sensitive, and protective. She especially loves kits, and will often act as a guardian to them. Many of the kits in the clan will visit her and ask her to tell them a story, which she gladly does.

History: Mouseheart was a former Kittypet who stumbled into NightClan and was accepted by StormStar, the leader. Later, she adopted Cloverkit, after his parents were tragically killed.

Family: Her foster kit, Cloverkit.

Extra: Although she is a friend to all kits, she herself has never had any kits of her own.

Name: Cloverkit 

Rank: Kit

Description: Cloverkit is light brown kit with white patches on his back and tan patches on his face. His eyes are turquoise.

Personality: Cloverkit is a very ambitious young kit. He loves adventure, believes that dreams come true, and is always eager to maske new friends.

History: Cloverkit's parents were tragically killed just days after he was born. He was found in a leave patch, all by himself, nearly starved. Thankfully, he was brought to Mouseheart, who nursed him back to health, and took him in as her own.

Family: His unknown deceased parents; his foster mother, Mouseheart.

Extra: Since he was too young to remember his deceased parents, his unaware that he is adopted.

Made by: SpencerFanGirl123.

Both approved! Loving you will be the last thing I do.


Name: Foxkit

Rank: Kit

Description: Foxkit is a beautiful sleek ginger she-cat with bat-like ears and evergreen jungle eyes. Her whiskers are long and nicely in order, including a furry coat that everyone would love to cuddle in. From far distances, many cats mistake her for a fox, with queens saying her face resembles one.

Personality: Foxkit can very timid, also bashful and shy. She prefers to be on her own, but she is only okay if she is around cats she is close to. Very lazy, Foxkit would rather stay in the camp than go hunt or fight. She loves food too.

History: Foxkit was originally a kittypet, being born to Cloudy. However, their Twoleg owners were evil and would hurt the cats, which is why the she-cat is very timid. Cloudy soon died and Foxkit was just left with her big sister Runningpaw, who was known simply as 'Kitty' back then, with the young kit called 'Tiny'. Running away, her sister took her with her and they stumbled into NightClan far in the forest. They were accepted in eventually after countless of cats laughing that they were kittypets. They have a long lost sister, Gabby, who is currently a loner. Given the name Foxkit, she is now happy and safe in the clan.

Family: Runningpaw (sister), Gabby (sister), Cloudy (mother; deceased)

Extras: N/A

Made by The Republic Rebellion.

--Eternal happiness 14:57, January 1, 2015 (UTC)

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Pretty calico she-cat with yellow-green eyes. In StarClan she took on a silvery tint which compliments her soft, well-groomed fur. Her fur is gray, not black, with a spot of white on her neck, and a white muzzle, chest, paws, and belly with orange and gray spots all over her.

Meadowbrook is a sweet, caring cat, although she can be an attention hog. She often pushes others away to be in the spotlight, but she is very loving to those she cares about. It takes a while for her to trust you. She can be mean and sassy, but she is more often kind. She won't go out of her way to help strangers, but she'll be a good friend to those who warm up to her. No matter how tough she may seem, she's actually very shy and would rather not speak first. Meadowbrook is agile and quick, but actually quite lazy, although she will help the Clan, which she'd rather do then help one cat alone.

Meadowbrook and her sister, Sprucefall, were born far from NightClan, by a farm. Their name changed many times in their life, and their mother deemed them Spot and Patch. They both had eye problems, and their parents and healthier siblings left them when they were merely a month old. Twolegs found them, and treater their problems. Patch/Sprucefall's was more severe, and Spot/Meadowbrook became the dominant sibling. Still, they loved each other. They were placed in a shelter for two moons, renamed Katie and Allison. They were soon adopted, and renamed Lulu and Lola. At first the pair were extremely frightened, but they learned to trust the two-legs, especially the youngest one. They began to get comfortable, but reason unknown to Lulu, Lola left for a week, and encountered NightClan. When she came back, she tried to convince Lulu to come. Lulu refused, and the two grew apart. Finally Lulu agreed, and they left. Lulu still was no longer fond of her sister, and in NightClan was renamed Meadowpaw. Now, with so many cats, she rarely talked to her sister. They were named warriors, Meadowbrook and Sprucefall, and Meadowbrook began to fall ill. The medicine cats were mystified, and they agreed for her to go back to the two-legs, where they discovered something and did surgery on her. They found out they were wrong, and she had a fatal disease. She did not make it through the night.

Sister: Sprucefall. Others, unknown to her.

Notes: based off of my recently deceased cat, Lulu. ;c

Will make sister later. --Wrackspurts and Nargles 22:11, January 5, 2015 (UTC)

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Name: Riversong

Rank: StarClan Warrior

Appearance: Riversong is a pretty, lithe, slender silvery-blue tabby she-cat with small white paws, white chest mark, black ear and tail tip, and bright blue eyes.

Personality: Riversong is happy and optimistic, never looking on the dark side, and very compassionate. She's sorta like a grief counselor, and is always one to talk to for your troubles. Riversong doesn't wish to be in the spotlight, ever, and prefers to be in the behind-the-scenes. She would never dare to hurt a hair on any animal (unless it's prey), and isn't exactly good at fighting.

History: Riversong was born as Riverkit with two siblings, Mistkit and Stonekit, from Stormheart and Brindlefur. She was raised extremely well cared for and was a tad bit spoiled, but nonetheless happy. She was a bit like the highlight of NightClan, since she didn't mind cleaning the elders' den, and always made every cat happy. When she earned her warrior name, Riversong, she was extremely excited and proud of herself. The next day, she decided to do a lone hunting patrol, and while chasing a fat vole, she ran onto the Thunderpath. A huge monster crept up, and she didn't see the monster in time. Riversong was found by the dawn patrol, and she didn't make it.

Family: Stormheart (Father, status unknown). Brindlefur (Mother, status unknown), Stonebriar (Sister, alive), Mistpelt (Brother, alive)

Extras: N/A

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Name: Sari

Rank: Rogue

Description: Sari is a light brown tabby she-cat with bright green eyes. She has darker brown tabby markings in her flank and dark brown rings lining her tail. She has white paws, chest, and underbelly.

Personality: Sari is fiercely loyal to herself and her thoughts. She says what she likes and she's not afraid to challenge others. She hates the Clan with passion. She's constantly rude, and doesn't believe in friends. Nothing she says is ever nice, and she pushes herself, and other allies hard. Sari is believed to have a cold heart, with no space for love and care.

History: Sari used to be nice and caring, with friends of her own. When her beloved sister died from a vicious battle against NightClan, Sari realized that she couldn't rely on others. She then found out that her Clan friend had killed her sister, and she abandoned the thoughts of having friends. Sari then found pleasure in hurting others, and the coldness of her pain and fear has hardened her to what she is now. The only "friend" or true ally she has is her last brother, Raji.

Family: All dead except for her last brother, Raji.

Made and approved by me :) Loving you will be the last thing I do.


Name: Raji

Rank: Rogue

Description: Raji is a jet black tom with icy blue eyes.

Personality: Unlike his sister, Raji has a kinder heart. He's ready to forgive, though he's unwilling to forgive those who has harmed his friends. He is desperate to avenge his sister's death, and protects Sari at all costs. He hates to see his friends harmed, and after his sister's death, he became more unstable. Sari thinks that he would break if someone else he cared about died. He's quiet and reserved and doesn't like to talk much, leaving his sister to deal with all the talking.

History: Raji knew the Clan warrior pretty well, and when his sister was killed, he attempted to murder that warrior. He was captured by NightClan, but Sari freed him afterwards. From then on, he protected Sari with a fierce loyalty, though his mind grew more unstable. He never went anywhere without his sister after that, and the two stayed close.

Family: All dead except for his last sister, Sari.

Made and approved by me c: Loving you will be the last thing I do.



Finch is a light and graceful black tipped silver cat with ocean blue eyes. His pelt is usually well-groomed, but he doesn't obsess over it. He has a long, slender tail, and he is very light on his paws.

Finch is a traitorous cat, always being with the cat that has the most power. He hides behind others, and is always gone before he can be blamed for his actions. Finch is swift, and a great fighter, graceful in his movements. He could be considered handsome, but settling down with a mate is the opposite of the life he wants to have. Finch wants to enjoy the action of the fight, but never face the consquences. He's a smart cat, knowing when to stay and when to run, and he is a great planner. He's cocky, often insulting Clan cats. He's taken a dislike to them, no matter how powerful they are, he hates how they treat all outsiders like dirt, and want them to see how that feels.

Finch was born and raised a rogue, taught to fight and hunt by his parents, Lilac and Chillan. His siblings never liked the life of a rogue, and quickly all left to become kittypets. This left Finch with a growing ego that he was the strongest, and he began to get into fights with any cats. But he went back to his nest one day and his parents were gone, and he realized he had no one to protect him. Finch, still a reasonably young cat, made the biggest mistake of his life when he looked for protection yet again. He fought with Star. Star was defeated, and Finch left unscathed. He is still looking for protection, and wants to join Banjo.

Parents: Lilac and Chillan(deceased) Siblings: Haylee, Redlo, and Smoky(kittypets -- 01:43, January 27, 2015 (UTC)

Approved! Loving you will be the last thing I do.  



Name: Cinderfrost

Rank: Warrior

Description: A beautiful silver gray she-cat with very soft fur and icy blue eyes.

Personality: Cinderfrost is a skilled fighter and hunter. She is also a hardworker and a team player. She is brave and strong willed, but can also be a little timid or shy. When she had first come to the Clans she never spoke to anyone or made much contact with them. As time went by, she was accepted by her Clan, and had come around and begun to talk freely with everyone. She made fast friendships with Strongtail and Flashclaw.

History: She was a rogue before joining the Clan. As a kit, her parents cast her out, because they never meant to have her. She roamed the streets day and night with no food. After three days of wandering, she strayed away from Twolegplace and found herself into the forest. Seeing the NightClan cats care for and protect each other made her wish that she could join them. Stormstar agreed to her joining, because new warrior blood was just what they wanted. When She first came to the Clan, she was looked down upon, but Strongtail and Flashclaw would always stand up for her. Gradually she was accepted by her Clan when she proved her loyalty.

Family: Quickie(father, alive), Rosie (mother, alive)

Extra: Her rogue name was Mint.


Name: Strongtail

Rank: Warrior

Description: Handsome ginger tom with a long tail and green eyes.

Personality: Strongtail is very energetic and eager. He loves to be outside, on patrols or going hunting. He always asks Stormstar to give him a duty. Sitting around is not his favorite hobby. He is also kind and caring to his mother, sister, and Cinderfrost.

History: His father, Shard never liked him. To Shard, Strongtail was an outcast. Since Shard was a kittypet, he never felt any connection to Strongtail. When Shard and Strongtail met, Shard disowned him. They never saw each other since that day. Strongtail was an apprentice when Cinderfrost joined NightClan. He immediately took a liking to the beautiful she-cat, and gradually fell in love with her.

Family: Petalfeather (mother) Shard (father) Fernwing (sister)



Name: Flashclaw

Rank: Warrior

Description: Handsome sandy yellow colored tom with brown eyes.

Personality: Flashclaw is friendly and helpful to his Clan. When any of his Clanmates are down or feeling upset, he finds a way to cheer them up. He is a loyal warrior, and will fight like a lion to protect his Clan. To him, the Warrior Code is the most important thing in the world. Flashclaw is the mentor of Eaglepaw. His best friend is Cinderfrost, who also becomes his love interest.

History: As a kit, he had some funny adventures. Once he got lost while playing hide and seek. He fell straight into a groundhog hole. It took three warriors to rescue him. Another time, while carrying bedding for the nursery, he tripped over a stick sending all the moss flying up and straight on his head. His mother always called him 'naughty, but sweetie!' for these incidents. As much as trouble he got into, he was still an adorable little kit. He too, like Strongtail fell in love with Cinderfrost.

Family: Newtscratch (father) Sorrelberry (mother) Tallfeather (sister)

All made by Cinderstarz


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Zebedee and Wren 

Name: Zebedee 

Rank: Loner

Description: Handsome black tom with a white collar marking on his neck, white on the back of his left forepaw, and on the tips of his tail. He has deep green eyes.

Personality: Easygoing and very laid-back, but by no means a soft touch. He has a strong build and can snap your neck in a heartbeat, but prefers to sit back until the right moment. He is alluring, mysterious and is usually very silent and content with his own thoughts. However, he has a guilty conscience but rarely shows it. He can be found along clan borders, usually lounging. He is mostly seen with his sister, Wren, whom he protects very dearly.

History: Born and raised a loner. His parents are long gone due to greencough, but has a sister, Wren.

Family: All deceased except for Wren, his sister. Both are the same age.

Extra: None

Name: Wren 

Rank: Loner

Description: Like Zebedee, she is black but with a white mask and long, white tipped ears. She has bright blue eyes.

Personality: More energetic than her brother, but can be just as silent as him.. She has a slim build, making her an excellent hunter. She's generally friendly and gregarious, though sometimes can be a bit irritating when she'll wander off without a trace. She is also known to be a bit devious, and is very seducing with her blue eyes. Because of her frame, this causes her to be a bit weaker at fighting. Despite her wandering, she loves her brother and will defend him at all costs.

History: Born and raised a loner. His parents are long gone due to greencough, but has a brother, Zebedee

Family: All deceased except for brother, Zebedee. Both are the same age.

Extra: None

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Name: Eaglepaw

Rank: Apprentice

Description: A small,lithe, dark brown furred tom with green eyes

Personality: Eaglepaw is an outgoing, happy-go-lucky apprentice. He is spunky and optimistic and always tries to find the bright side of any problem. Eaglepaw always helps his fellow Clanmates when in need, and cheers them up when they are sad. He is a great hunter and has an awesome sense of smell. His mentor is Flashclaw. He is patient and kind to his Clan, but when an enemy attacks, he can be really mean!

Family: Silverfern (mother) Beechwing (father) Salmonleap (older brother) Creamfeather (older sister)

History: Eaglepaw was the youngest in his litter. His older siblings Salmonleap and Creamfeather always looked out for him, and he did the same. They shared a very special connection which is still strong. As a kit, he was the most adventurous of them all, but sometimes shy-especially in front of Stormstar! Eaglepaw used to be very quiet and anti-social, but his siblings helped him become happy and outgoing.

Made by Cinderfrost (sorry it won't let me put my sig)

Approved Loving you will be the last thing I do.


Name: Summerbreeze

Rank: Queen

Description: A rose-cream furred she-cat. (pregnant)

Personality: Summerbreeze is sweet, motherly, and loving. She enjoys being around kits, and is expecting some of her own. She doesn't like fighting or unsheathing her claws, so she has decided to stay in the nursery, even after her kits are apprenticed. But that doesn't mean that she won't defend the nursery when the time comes. Summerbreeze can be extremely fierce if trouble reaches the kits. She cares for all the kits as if they were her own.

Family: Mother and Father: deceased, Mate: Wrenfeather

History: Summerbreeze is a clanborn cat. She didn't know her parents for very long because they died when she was very young. As an apprentice, she was very shy, but also a good hunter and fighter. When she learned that she was going to have kits, she spoke to Stormstar about staying in the nursery permanently. The warrior life was not for her.

Extra: she is very close to having her kits.

Made by Cinderfrost

Approved Loving you will be the last thing I do.


Name: Chervilpaw

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Chervilpaw is an ash-grey tabby with short fur, a slender build, and one white forepaw. They have very faded tabby stripes running up their back and flanks. Their eyes are a pale sky-blue flecked with teal. They resemble their mother, Ivystripe. Chervilpaw is non-binary.

Personality: Chervilpaw is shy and quiet, and likes peaceful places more than crowded ones. They dislike loud and obnoxious cats, and for this reason also hates kits. They are squeamish and always avoid battles, and even hunting sickens them. Therefore, they are a terrible NightClan cat all around. Their father insists they become a warrior anyway. They don't like when others get their gender wrong and will hastily correct the cat.

History: Chervilpaw was born to Pebbleheart and Ivystripe. Shortly after Chervilkit's birth, Ivystripe died in a skirmish with rogues. After seeing the wounds on the other warriors (and his mother's dead body), they became extremely squeamish and easily frightened by blood and the thought of fighting. Even hunting became a challenge for them, something that their mentor is trying to fix. Chervilpaw misses their mother, but doesn't like seeming weak (even though they are).

Family: Their father is Pebbleheart (deceased) and their mother is Ivystripe (deceased).

Extras: If you want to know their "actual gender", they're a tom.

made by meeee i wonder... who is the illusion

Approved <3 Loving you will be the last thing I do.


NAME: Dewdrop

RANK: Warrior

APPEARANCE: Beige she-cat with a black ring around her right eye, white paws and ears, a black tipped tail and dark brown stripes and spots covering her whole body. She has bright, piercing basil green eyes with teal lining the pupil and flecks of crocodile green. Slender body built for speed. Scars on her left cheek.

PERSONALITY: Calm and cheerful. Really likes socialising with her Clanmates, though doesn't like crowds. Her favourite place to be is next to the Stream with a friend with her paws in the water in the shade of a tree. Open, doesn't mind her Clanmates knowing her sexuality. Bright and intelligent. Finds loners intriguing and will often visit the Alley to find some. Often opens her mouth to say something, but weird, strained sounds come out instead due to her being mute.

HISTORY: Was found at the edge of the Herb Patch unconcious as a rogue attacked her. She was probably knocked out from hitting her head on a rock. The rogue also left deep cuts on her left cheek. She doesn't remember anything from her time before waking up in the medicine cat den, but she was estimated to be around 7 moons old. Her now Clanmates decided that with her having no memory, she could hold no loyalty to anyone who might have been part of her past, so Stormstar made her an apprentice. Named "Dewpaw" because where she was found was the only part of the Herb Patch that still had dew covering the plants at that time of the day. The speed in which she picked up hunting and fighting suggested that she had had some kind of training beforehand. 5 moons into her training, she had her first crush. It was on an apprentice called Sparrowpaw, a white and brown siamese she-cat. She was shocked that she had feelings for another she-cat, but shrugged it them off, deciding she couldn't have a crush on a she-cat. The day before their warrior ceremony, Sparrowpaw saved her life when she fell into the Stream, and it she confirmed her feelings about the she-cat. She decided she would tell her after their warrior ceremony. The morning on the day of the ceremony, Sparrowpaw said she was going hunting and she'd be back by sunhigh when the ceremony was being held. She never returned. Stormstar sent out search parties, but they never found anything. Dewpaw tried to get Stormstar to continue the searches weeks after the disappearance, and Stormstar cautiously asked if she had "liked" Sparrowpaw. Dewpaw nodded. The knowledge that she was homosexual slowly became known after her warrior ceremony, being named Dewdrop. Moons later, Sparrowpaw's sister told Dewdrop that Sparrowpaw had told her she was leaving the day before she left, she then told Dewdrop she was leaving to be with her sister. Dewdrop wanted to follow her as she left, but decided the Clan needed her more.

FAMILY: Unknown.

EXTRAS: Dewdrop is mute and homosexual.

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Description:Brown and white tom with blue and green eyes

Personality:Willowkit is a fun energenic when hes out i the clearing he doesnt like fighting or arguing and strives to be a medicine cat someday when he sees the medcine cat hes starts to daydream and he likes to bother the deputy and leader.. ALOT!

History:Mother died after he was born and his brother never made it through birth.


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Made by Willowburn.

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Rank: Kit 

Description: Applekit is a red and dark brown she-cat with white paws and bright blue eyes.

Personality: Applekit is fun, energetic and playful all the time. She is mostly happy but is very sensitive to sad events, such as the death of a relative or Clanmate. Applekit is very socially orientated and likes to pester other kits and older cats for conversations. She also displays many tomboyish traits and likes to get in on the action of the rougher games. Unfortunately she has no sense of danger, and is constantly wandering out of camp, poking her nose in dangerous areas or sending herself and others to the Medicine Den when playfighting gets a bit rough. Deep down though, she is a sweet kit, and means no harm to anyone or anything, to the point where she sometimes tells others off for killing prey.

History: Applekit was Clan-born. 

Family: Applekit has no clue who her father is, as he died when she was very young, 

Approved and made by me (Tangle)

"Point of information!" "SIT THE HECK DOWN!" 00:02, March 9, 2015 (UTC)


Rank: Warrior

Description: Rainpath is a calico tom, which rarely if ever happens normally. His fur is rather long, but his body is fairly lean, with little muscle or fat on it. His eyes are a cool sky blue. His voice is always a quiet, somehwat shaky tone.

Personality: Rainpath is extremely quiet when it comes to daily life - when he does talk, his voice is quiet anyways. He is a rather happy-to-be-alive warrior, in fact, he enjoys being around others and when he feels like it, can be very affectionate and loving. But the downside of this is that he isn't the strongest, and he's poor at speaking to others, unless they're alone or in a tiny group.

History: Rainpath was born a loner, as many are, and kinda got in how everyone else got in. His life as a 'paw was pretty bad, suffering bejng an outcast and called the runt of the entire forest. He became a warrior at 11 moons, a little too early.

Extra: Rainpath literally cannot have kits. Nice fact.

-After The Insane The Unknown Afterlife (talk) 11:26, March 26, 2015 (UTC)

Approved -- Days don't last forever...


Rank: Warrior/ Apprentice (Just joined Clan, so basically on probation)

Description: Bluish grey with blue eyes.

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, a bit out of it. Zones out a lot, but loves to laugh with his friends. Uncomfortable around large groups.

History: Mossear was the kit of a library cat, until it came under new management and he was removed by the twolegs. He stumbled into the forest and on a whim asked to join.

Family: Mother at another library branch.

Extra: Will have a crush on a cat who is volunteered by their user.

Made by BeholdtheVision.

Approved Days don't last forever...


Rank- warrior

Description-tortoiseshell angora she-cat with bright green eyes,small black paws and a small pink nose.Her body is lean,her tail is long and her ears have small white tuffs at the tips.

Personality - quiet,and loyal,bright, but in battle she is a deadly killer

History-Splashheart was just a kittypet, born to Misha and chrip in a litter of 2 moons of age she was called Splash and went to live with a elderly twoleg couple.But one day the twolegs died and Splash went to live on her own.2 moons after the death of her twolegs,Spots was captured by a twoleg who worked at a kitten-mill. She spent a moon in the dread full place, but she managed to escape. Soon afterwards she was adopted by a twoleg family. but she felt like this wasn't the life for her so ever since 6 moons of age, Splash has lived alone, at 12 moons of age she came to nightclan and she is waiting for their answer.

family- Mother-Misha ( living )

father- chirp ( dead)

unknow litter mate

Extra- Splashheart will make a brief apearence in Sky's story ( on warrior cats fanficion wiki)

CREATED BY- Tornshine-

Approved, but next time please add more to the personality! -- he is the silver lining in the darkness...




Description:she is a silver she-cat with blue eyes and gray stripes down her back

Personality:she is very kind to the cats in her clans but she is fierce in battle to protect her clan and is not very interested in the needs of other clans

History:her parents were kittypets but she heard about the clans and when she was 7 moons old she joined Nightclan and soon won the respect of her clanmates

Family: Extra:her mom was Kitty and her dad was Nut

(and then sign off with your signature please :))~Mistyfern

Approved -- he is the silver lining in the darkness...


Name: GemCloud


Description: Silver cat with white paws and dark ears, Green eyes.

Personality: Feisty, Silly, Kind

History:She was born into a happy family she had a sister Stariekit she died a few days after she was born so she was left with her brother Stormieclue he fell in love with a she cat from a different clan and later left her before she became a warrior, her Father Ashclaw wanted to be there for her but he was killed by a badger protecting her mother who was protecting her and her brother. Her mother Silverheart fell in to a deep depression and just stayed in the Den, later she died from a disease from a mouse she ate. Because of what happened she became fierce and strong.

Family: SilverHeart mother, Ashclaw father, Stormyclue brother( in a different clan)

GemCloud!! Extra:

Created by Annlove191

More personality please. -- he is the silver lining in the darkness...

Spyclaw and Moonkit

Names: Spyclaw, Moonkit

Ranks: Loners (dreams of being clan cats), kit (Moonkit)

Descriptions: Grey-blue cat with green eyes, silver-white kit with blue eyes

Personalities: Serious, but kind to the heart to other loners and Clan Cats

History: Spyclaw, or as everyone called her Spyrana, and Moonkit were born loners. Both their parents were killed a few moons later while hunting, leaving them to take care for themselves.

Family: Parents: unknown (deceased) 

Extra: Spyclaw has a spy sense, while Moonkit has a moon-shaped mark on his side.


Frozenstream and Shadedsun 

Name: Frozenstream 

Rank: Warrior (of NightClan, if that isn't clear)

Description: Large, thickset white tom with long, thick fur and icy blue eyes.

Personality: Frozenstream likes to think that he is a responsible cat. He is kind, and for some reason doesn't seem to realize the threat that some cats outside the Clan can be. He enjoys border patrols, as he likes to meet new cats, but as he hates to harm others, Frozenstream has a large dislike to fighting. As he has a kind and caring nature, Frozenstream desires to have a mate one day, and hopefully become a father.

History: Abandoned on the border as a young kit, Frozenstream was named Frozenkit because he nearly froze to death. He grew up a normal cat, not knowing that his parents, who had since died, were not NightClan cats, but rogues. A few moons after becoming a warrior, he found out tat long-buries secret, as he started meeting up with a power-hungry rogue by the name of Solombra, and the two cats eventually realized that they were in fact, siblings. Solombra joined FlameClan to be with her brother, and she was renamed Shadedsun. The two siblings are close, and couldn't be much happier, but now Frozenstream is looking to broaden his prospects even further.

Family: Mother: Blanche (deceased), Father: Corvus (deceased), Sister: Shadedsun (living)

Extra: Not at this stage.

Name: Shadedsun 

Rank: Warrior of NightClan

Description: Slender, sleek-furred, skinny black she-cat with dark amber eyes.

Personality: As being a former rogue, Shadedsun is used to getting on with cats in tricky situations. She is usually eager to help others, and willing to fight if necessary, unlike her brother, Frozenstream. However, when confronted with an enemy, Shadedsun can become very cunning, and she has a talent of fooling her enemy. She is talented at fighting, and doesn't mind border patrols as well. Shadedsun, on the other paw, is a very poor hunter, and she will avoid that task at all cost, even if it means picking the elders' ticks off them.

History: Shadedsun grew up as a rogue by the name of Solombra, abandoned by her parents. The cruel cats that surrounded her told her often that she was not theirs, and Solombra grew up with a lot of hate being centered around her. But one day, her life changed, when she met the white tom, Frozenstream, at the NightClan border. Through all the clues from the rogues that Solombra had been given, they unlocked Frozenstream's true past - which he didn't know about - and the two cats also realized that they were littermates. Desperate to spay with her littermate, Solombra left her rogue life to join NightClan, and she was renamed Shadedsun. Shadedsun is still adjusting, but without the help that Frozenstream gave her, she wouldn't have been at her current point at this point in time.

Family: Mother: Blanche (deceased), Father: Corvus (deceased), Brother: Frozenstream (living)

Extra: Solombra means 'shaded sun' in another language, which is slightly ironic as her name is now Shadedsun.

I hope this is enough... --Brams I Am A Yam 05:19, May 12, 2015 (UTC)

Both are approved (the form is very detailed I applaud) -- he is the silver lining in the darkness...


Name: Shari

Rank: Loner

Description: Delicate, small-pawed, long-furred silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, and a very long, bushy tail.

Personality: Shari is a shy loner, preferring to confine within herself. She is rather secretive, and to compliment this, she likes to hang out under the shelter of trees, and hates to be out in the open for too long. However, her shyness and her secretiveness hides her true nature: to want to be a free spirit, and to find her true destiny. Her past holds many shadows beneath it, involving the death of the rest of her family, and as she doesn't have the courage to reveal it, she suffers a lot, and as such is rather emotionally fragile.

History: Shari's history was rather normal, as she grew up with her parents and her two brothers in kittenhood. Her father, being a former NightClan cat, would tell Shari and her siblings about NightClan, although Shari wasn't really interested in them. However, Shari's life changed when she saw her family get killed at the paws of a vicious group of rogues - she became very scared of other cats, as she feared for her safety. Shari had to learn to hunt on her own, and even now her skill are still rather sloppy. She has no skill in fighting whatsoever, and even after spending four moons practically by herself, she knows she must move on - but how is a mystery to the young Shari.

Family: Unnamed mother, unnamed father, two unnamed brothers (all deceased).

Extra: Nope.

I like the name, I made it up. :3 --Brams I Am A Yam 01:50, May 16, 2015 (UTC)

Approved -- he is the silver lining in the darkness.


Rank: Apprentice

Description: Black tom with light grey paws, ears and a white tipped tail. Pale green eyes and pupils like slits, giving the appearance of snake eyes.

Personality: Cool-headed, very bright. Is quite inquisitive. Very annoying to most cats because of his lack of interest in most things they do. Normally skips training and instead wanders around, usually with Chervilpaw. Is normally never in his nest at night, but everyone has since stopped worrying about him as he always comes back. Is very close with Chervilpaw and calls him Chervil instead of his full name. Snakepaw usually accompanies Chervilpaw places. Surprisingly okay at fighting and hunting, considering he hardly ever attends training, and when he does he does less then a half-hearted effort.

History: Snakepaw's parents were NightClanners, but left the clan for an unknown reason. The apprentice can't even remember his parents anymore as they left when he was very young. He never really left the camp as a kit, and as an apprentice he's never really invovled in anything like a border skirmish or battles as he is pretty much never around. When he is around, he doesn't get into trouble but doesn't do too much either, but he does help out in tasks that the other apprentices don't like doing, such as cleaning out dens and putting in new bedding, so the other apprentices don't seem to mind him.

Family: Unnamed parents

But words might just kill me. 02:07, May 30, 2015 (UTC)

Approved -- he is the silver lining in the darkness...


Name: Whitepaw

Rank: Apprentice

Description: black-and-white she-cat with yellow-ish eyes. She has a short, stubby tail and rather awkwardly big paws.

Personality: Whitepaw is very conscious of her unattractive and slightly repulsive appearance. She tries to fit in and be 'normal', a little too hard at times. She's very eager-to-please and really envies the 'beautiful' cats who get all the attention. She wishes she was pretty and smart, like everyone else, since she's a bit slow in her thinking process. 

History: Whitepaw's father was unknown, and her mother left her at birth. She doesn't know the identity of either parents, and no one wants to tell her. She grew up under a foster mother, then went into apprenticeship under normal circumstances. 

Family: Unknown father and mother, no siblings. 

Extras: She's about eight moons old. 

ToStorm orFire the world must FALL 03:02, July 1, 2015 (UTC)

Approved by Rainy your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me 03:24, July 1, 2015 (UTC)


Name: Lakestorm

Rank: Warrior

Description: Lakestorm is a handsome russian blue tom cat with large pale green eyes. He has a muscular build and a tall stature.

Personality: Lakestorm is a hothead, he can quickly snap at a fellow cat if annoyed or bothered. Due to his short temper, not many cats get along with him. He is also a very vain cat. He sees himself as better than everyone else, which also adds on to why cats don't like him. He does have a soft side though, but only for those he cares most about. 

History: Lakestorm was born from two unknown cats in the clan and grew up with a pretty normal life. He was very sweet as a young kit and apprentice. But he saw his father die from a fox, causing him to go a bit insane for a while. He had a lot of mood swings as an apprentice, but he mainly focused on anger, which drove his madness for a while. He managed to control it a bit, then became a warrior and matured a bit. 

Extras: He is 23 moons old 

This  means WAR  06:05, July 8, 2015 (UTC)

Approved! Welcome to the wiki! You can go ahead and start roleplaying now; I will make the page ASAP. your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me 06:18, July 8, 2015 (UTC)

Shadowpaw and Purepaw


Name: Darkpaw (warrior name Darkpool)

Rank: Apprentice

Description: a she cat, former rogue, with black fur speckled with white. Bright golden eyes

Personality: an introverted cat dedicated to her sister and her clan. darkpaw acts snappy to most people, she hates many things with a burning fury. SHe will die for any cat she loves, and is rather rash and senseless at times. Darkpaw acts gentler around her sister, guiding her carefully and tenderly with an affection that she shouldn't posess.


Name: Purepaw (warrior name Pureheart)

Rank: Apprentice

Description: a she cat, former rogue, with white fluffy fur. Bright blue eyes, deaf.

Personality: Very innocent and kind, playful like a lot and always takes the time to do something right. She is hard-working and trustworthy, and always has time for you. Somewhat gullible, she is easily tricked.

History: Dark and her sister were born and raised in a small area of cliffs surrounding a lovely pool. Smoke, their mother, taught them hunting and to take anything they needed or wanted. Sometimes cats came there outside of there small family, but they usually scented other cats and ran away quickly. Dark was uninterested in the small outbursts of activity, but purity Wasn't. She wouod always go up to the strangers and spy on them. Eventually, A strange cat caught her and started chasing her. Purity lead the Cat directly to Their mother,not stopping to think. The mother jumped out to protect them, but the mother reckognise her long lost love and abandoned her young kits in favor of him. the four month olds were alone.

Purity and Dark went off together, leaving behind the pretty pool. They had to survive. Dark would prove their mother wrong. Hunting was difficult, as Purity's deafness prevented her from finding any prey, so shadow had to hunt for both of them. They were like this for a few days, hungry for milk and love, unable to Play like normal kits. That was, until they met (adoptive Father). Dark went hunting and was stalking a scrawny shrew when a large cat pounced on her prey. Evidently, the cat couldn't smell her, because when he Noticed her she had run back to her sister. They both Hissed at The stranger, who insisted on taking them to the camp.

They began life in a nursery, with brand new names, Darkkit And Purekit. THe kits were secluded and sullen, and not excited at being seperated for their duties as paws. Purepaw Recieved basic training, but she didn't get many actual training duties, and just helped out in the nursery. Shadowpaw was receiving her normal training, but refused to do any work but what her sister did. Darkpaw was delibratley trying to show the unfairness of how her sister was being treated. Her ploy worked and her sister got normal duties.


  • smoke (mother)
  • Cloudie (father)
  • Bee (step father)
  • (Anyone Who Wants To Be) (adopted father),
  • Darkpaw (Darkpool) (sister of purepaw)
  • Purepaw (pureheart)  (sister of darkpool)

ArticunaDragon101 (talk) 00:07, September 8, 2017 (UTC)

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