Jet (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Brown tabby tom with a single black paw (left back paw) and vivid green eyes.
Personality: Determined to do anything he sets his mind to and brave, almost to the point where it endangers him. He will always be ready to help a NightClanner in need and will try to help kits in danger. Not the most amazing fighter ever, but is a superb hunter. Normally quite easy going and friendly around his friends and friends of his friends. He is in love with Mouse.
History: Born and raised in NightClan, being named Jetstorm as a warrior. Father died from greencough and his mother drowned. With the loss of his parents, and having no littermates, he opened up completely to his clanmates to avoid being lonely and started searching for a mate. Fell in love with Mousetail and because of this when she decided to leave the Clan he followed her and they became mates. Renamed as a loner, now called Jet.
Family: Deceased.
Apprentices: N/A

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