Jaykit (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Jaykit has a snowy white pelt along with sapphire, ocean blue eyes. Known for good looks, Jaykit is notably handsome and takes pride in his appearance. His legs are very slim which can be used for speed, as he is very fast.
Personality: Jaykit is known to be shy to strangers. He is trustworthy and is very good at making ideas up. Dreaming to be a medicine cat one day, he pretends to be one whilst playing, sometimes helping out Brookwhisper with herbs and such.
History: Clanborn.
Family: Jaykit's mother is Dawnbird, his father is Moonheart, his brother is Birchkit, his sister is Featherkit, and his aunt is Berrypaw.
Mother: Dawnbird


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