Ivystar (RPED by Mystical Moonstone)

Rank: Elder
Appearance: Ivystar is a wiry she-cat, with dappled brown, amber, and white fur in a tortoiseshell pattern.
Personality: She's rash, often making reckless decisions, but she's fair and enjoys helping others. She hates when cats disobey her, but can be empathatic and patient when dealing with young kits and apprentices.
History: She was born into NightClan, and is proud to be a member, but sometimes longs to explore the world outside the borders of her territory.Previous clan leader before she retired
Family: Ivystar's entire family was killed by a bout of greencough when she was a young kit, and another queen had to care for her. When she reached warriorhood, her foster mother died, causing her more grief. She has two kits, Windpaw, who is dead, and Shadowwind, who feels somewhat enstranged from her mother, and often she doesn't see her only remaining kit for days.



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