Ivykit (RPED by Avalanchestrike)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: She is a very small, dainty pure white she-kit with large, ivy-leaf shaped silver tabby patches (hence her name). She has green eyes flecked gold.
Personality: She is a quiet, intelligent, and rather reserved she-kit. She's a little more timid than her brother, but she also likes to be independent and looks up to him. She is constantly teased by the other kits in the nursery due to being an almost mute, however, she always try stay strong and true to herself. She is about two moons old.
History: When she was born, her parents were killed by several rogues within hours of her birth, leaving her frightened of rogues ever since and was raised by her older brother, Stormpaw until they were brought in by NightClan where she was renamed Ivykit.
Family: Parents: Unknown (deceased), Brother: Stormpaw
Mother: Unknown



Ivykit copy

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