Inigo (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: He is a lithe, short-furred pale blue(ish-greyish) tom with soft, light blue eyes. He has small paws and a short tail. There is a nick in his left ear, and the tip of his right ear is missing.
Personality: Inigo is sensitive, shy, and pessimistic, to summarize his entire personality. He tries to conceal his negative side by acting optimistic and stronger than he really is. He wants himself to seem invincible, but that's only because he doesn't want anyone to get worried about him. He's also very sensitive, and his mood can quickly change based on what's happening. He's also a really shy when he's stared at by a lot of other cats.
History: Inigo was born in a place far away where an evil band of cats ruled. The place was a disaster, and cats were captured and enslaved by the group. His mother had been captured earlier. His mother, after trying to escape, was killed by the leader of the group. Later, when Inigo was five moons old, he somehow managed to escape and run far away, but his sister Morgan couldn't escape with him, so he'd assumed that she had been killed. He found his way to NightClan territory, where he managed to make a living and teach himself to hunt. He lives in the Pine Copse.
Family: His mother is deceased. His father's status is unknown, but his name was Snarl. His sister is Morgan.


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