Icestorm (RPED by DerpStarCat)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Like her brother, except has green eyes, and a dark black grey tip on her tail.
Personality: Icestorm is really sweet, she always has to cover her brother's misdeed. She's nice, kind, courages, a fighter, and just strong. She has 1 scar on her leg, from fighting a couple of Loners, but she's fine. She loves kittens and Apprentices, so she'll love to help them hunt.
History: Icestorm had 1 set of kittens. Her mother and father were killed, and her other sister and brothers are unknown. I was snatched with them, but I got away, and now they're warriors, and I don't know what they look like. My brother and I have worked together and I've almost died in 3 battles.
Family: Brother: Nightfrost
Apprentices: None

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