Icepaw (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: A shockingly handsome tom, with cold eyes that vary from ice-blue to dark sapphire depending on his mood. Glints of silver sometimes appear in his thick snowy pelt, and his paws are wide and tufted with fur. He's tall for his age, and built lankily; he still has to grow into his frame.
Personality: Though he comes off as intense, tough, and silent, Icepaw can be a big goofball when he opens up. Most of the time he keeps his mouth shut because he fears saying something stupid. His social skills aren't the best, and with his large size and quiet demeaner, he can be rather intimidating. Very few cats ever see his true personality, as it's locked away. However, he is an excellent hunter, and works hard at everything he does. He loves NightClan with a fierce loyalty, and would die for them in a heartbeat
History: Icepaw came to the Clan as a kit and was adopted in, but he loves it as much as if he were Clanborn.
Family: He's an orphan with no known relatives.
Mentor: N/A


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