Hinti (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Hinti is a black tom with white ears, paws, muzzle, a white tipped tail and bright amber eyes. He looks almost identical to his brother, Hinto, except he has a white patch over his left eye, where Hinto's is over his right.
Personality: Hinti has a joking attitude and is mischievous. He and his brother are so similar, so the two are often confused. Because of this, he often pretends to be Hinto, then tells the truth and runs away laughing. Unlike his brother, Hinti does not hold grudges.
History: Hinti stumbled on to NightClan territory with his brother Hinto while trying to find a nice home. While some Clan cats were rude and attempted to chase them away, others were nice, so they decided to settle down. One day, purely as a joke, Hinti & Hinto discussed plans to destroy NightClan and kill Ivystar. Some warriors overheard them and, mistaking the jokes for being serious, rushed to tell Ivystar, who sent a patrol to attack them in response. The warriors decided that Hinti & Hinto should be attacked and not just killed, and during the battle, Hinti nearly died. In time, Hinti forgave the Clan cats, but his brother did not share the forgiveness. So, when Banjo approached them to seek help with getting his kits back, Hinto happily agreed, and Hinti followed along obediently.
Family: Brother: Hinto, Unknown Parents (deceased)


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