Hikaru (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Hikaru is a small, lithe light grey tabby tom with short fur. He has bright amber eyes, and a white chest and white streaks on his face. His legs are somewhat short and he has a nick in one ear.
Personality: Hikaru is always optimistic and carefree, and his voice is always cheery and bright. He is rather immature compared to his friend Nightmare, who he often hangs out with. He doesn't fight, and avoids all battles - even if one's already in session right in front of him. Hikaru dislikes cats he sees as "boring". He is always coming up with ways to tease/annoy other cats, but it's all for fun. He dislikes rules as well, and refuses to follow them.
History: As a kit, Hikaru was a kittypet in a secluded Twoleg nest at the edge of the forest. When his owner died in a fire, the remains of the house were torn down and the young Hikaru was forced to move. His sister stayed behind and Hikaru hasn't seen her since. Hikaru wasn't used to living in the wild; he knew next to nothing about hunting or fighting. While he traveled to find a new home he learned about the Clan, and was interested in joining them at one point. He eventually decided against it because of his tendency to ignore rules. Instead he set up a den at the Herb Patch, but he isn't found there too often.
Family: One sister (status unknown)



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