Grass Sways in Breezes (Breezes) (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Mainly has a cream-coloured coat, but her ears are light grey. She has piercing emerald green eyes with a circle of dark blue around her pupil.
Personality: Serious when she feels she needs to be and is quite bright. She is stubborn, brave and very determined.
History: Born as a loner to a rogue mother and a NightClan father, though no one knows her dad's name. She saw her mother get slaughtered by a fox and hid in the roots of oak tree, to be later found by a tom who had left NightClan and could possibly be her father. Trained by the tomcat before joining NightClan when he abandoned her in leaf-bare. Short while after, her sister joined NightClan, hearing that Breezes had joined.
Family: Sister: Leaves Fallen in Autumn
Apprentices: Seapaw



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