Glozziarr (RPED by Robinclawshe-cat)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Glozziarr is a pitch black tom with a single blotch on his throat (White in color). His eyes are a deep umber, with crimson and mango working into the eye. His fur is often extremely messy. However never tangled. Glozziarrs' paws are quite large, compared to his overall body size. He has a single pierced ear, containing a small loop earring. (Due to twoleg owners).
Personality: Glozziarr attempts to be Goth, though often fails at perfecting the antic. He utterly hates himself, often causing him to try suicide, somehow always failing. His short-tempered attitude, to his dismay, makes him an interesting act during quarrels with other cats. He doesn't like being near other cats, save his close friends. He often gets in s.exual incidents with other cats, no matter the gender. Glozziarr Is a good fighter, though his flaws rely on the fact that his lack of muscle strength usually pulls him from battle swiftly. Glozziarr has a tendency to pick flowers, and set them in a river or stream, watching as they flew across the water. The flowers are always pink.
History: Glozziarr was born a kittypet, and had a normal, housecat, lifestyle. Yet his twolegs had pierced his right ear, setting a small metal bit within it (earring). Otherwise overall he was happy. Until he met his teenage months. (About nine months of age). He fell in love with a younger she named Ibis, a reddish brown tabby she. They madly loved each other, for about three months. But Glozziarr's bliss ended when Ibis tragically died. She had wandered into the forest, and quickly landed upon a fox and it's kits. Glozziarr had found her body, torn and gory, strangely (to a fox's extent) left to rot. After this, Glozziarr fled into the forest, praying to his own gods that he'd die as well, to join his beloved. Though no matter how hard he tried, something always ceased him from suicidal missions. His mental disease grew, to the extent where he was incapable of sanity. He wandered the forest for months, (seventeen to be exact), hoping somehow he'd find a path to hope once more, instead of appearing to cats as a psychopathic, crazed, homicidal.



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