Gingerstripe (RPED by Gingerstripe)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Gingerstripe is a white tom with two ginger spots on his back and right side. He has a ginger patch covering most of his head. He has dark brown optics. Gingerstripe was named after his striped tail.
Personality: Gingerstripe is a funny, warm and loyal cat who likes to make cats laugh. He rushes into battle, not like his other clanmates, but with happiness, knowing after the battle, blood will be shed and it will be done with. He also knows when he fights, he brings his clan the benefit of what they are fighting over. In camp, Gingerstripe jokes to shake off any remaining fear that drifts into his nose. Gingerstripe is a charming, social tom who loves to have fun. He is very chatty, and likes to sleep in the sun sometimes.
History: Gingerstripe used to be a loner, his head hanging low at rouges words of teasing. He met a cat called May, a happy and bright kittypet. He began to love May, and she decided to leave her kittypet life for him. Gingerstripe and May were happy mates, but one day, May met Jake, another kittypet. Gingerstripe's heart broke as he climbed the tree into the den they were staying in, only to find another tom cleaning May's pelt. May tried to explain, but Gingerstripe shouted at her. "We aren't mates and we never were!" Gingerstripe wandered again, until he finally settled in a forest, by the name of Gingie. He found Stormstar, and asked her if he could join her clan.
Family: Mate: Dawnbrook
Apprentices: None



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