Ghost (RPED by Phocoenidae)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Skinny white she-cat with one blue and one green eye, and small, dainty paws.
Personality: Very talkative. Ghost, despite her name, is hard to miss. She loves attention, though she gets nervous in front of crowds. She is very outgoing, and open with her feelings, and is mostly optimistic and cheerful. Ghost is very kit-like without meaning to be; she is a slow learner and has a hard time grasping simple skills in many cases. She believes life is something to enjoy rather than preserve at all costs, and is not smart in avoiding dangerous situations.
History: She was born to rogues and taught to value her freedom. She looks down on clan cats, believing it foolish to put anyone's well-being before your own in any way. She and her brother left their parents as soon as they were able, as do most rogues. The two littermates stayed together for a long while until Ghost started to feel like Abyss was looking down on her too much, and she left to prove her worth and gain more freedom.
Family: Her parents were rogues whom she left at a young age. Her brother is Abyss.



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