Gale (RPED by Tornshine)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Solid jet black she-cat with cold blue eyes.
Personality: Gale is not what you'd imagine of a older sister .Sure she takes care of her sister but that's not all. Ever since the night of her parent's death, Gale has been a sad, fragile she-cat.Flare is her only reason to keep living.In battle Gale is fierce,brave and will wound (and occasionally kill) with out mercy in the sake to protect her loved ones.
History: Gale was born in her parent's first litter with her brother Ash who soon died.Due that they were close Gale's only happiness came form her parents. When Flare was born Gale promised to care for her,and upon her parent's death Gale's choices where DIE or LIVE. She chose to live to care for her only happiness Flare.
Family: Unnamed parents(DEAD) Ash(Brother DEAD) Flare(Sister Living)


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