Gabby (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: A beautiful ginger-striped she-cat with gorgeous sapphire blue eyes, along with soft paws and fluffy fur.
Personality: Playful, cheeky, shy, discipline, smiley.
History: Gabby was born as 'Babs' at an abandoned warehouse to Cloudy. Their Twoleg owners were evil and bred cats for money. They often hurt the cats. The Twolegs abused Babs several times which caused her to run away. Soon adopted by a kind elderly woman, she renamed her to Gabby. She lived with her owner at a cozy farm, but the elder soon died, leaving the she-cat sad. She became a loner, but afterwards, she joined NightClan happily as an apprentice. Gabby was then an experienced Warrior. She accidentally killed Frostflight, not knowing she was a NightClan member and mistaking her for a rogue, so Stormstar kicked Gabby out of the clan. Afterwards, she became mates with Bouncefire and had three kits, but a mysterious fire struck the forest and killed them. Gabby now wanders alone and depressed. She has two long lost sisters known as Runningpaw and Foxkit.
Family: Runningpaw (sister)
Foxkit (sister)
Bouncefire (mate; deceased)
Norah (daughter; deceased)
Dingo and Leo (sons; deceased)
Cloudy (mother; deceased)


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