Frozenstream (RPED by Bramblefire3118)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Large, thickset white tom with long, thick fur and icy blue eyes.
Personality: Frozenstream likes to think that he is a responsible cat. He is kind, and for some reason doesn't seem to realize the threat that some cats outside the Clan can be. He enjoys border patrols, as he likes to meet new cats, but as he hates to harm others, Frozenstream has a large dislike to fighting. As he has a kind and caring nature, Frozenstream desires to have a mate one day, and hopefully become a father.
History: Abandoned on the border as a young kit, Frozenstream was named Frozenkit because he nearly froze to death. He grew up a normal cat, not knowing that his parents, who had since died, were not NightClan cats, but rogues. A few moons after becoming a warrior, he found out tat long-buries secret, as he started meeting up with a power-hungry rogue by the name of Solombra, and the two cats eventually realized that they were in fact, siblings. Solombra joined NightClan to be with her brother, and she was renamed Shadedsun. The two siblings are close, and couldn't be much happier, but now Frozenstream is looking to broaden his prospects even further.
Family: Mother: Blanche (deceased), Father: Corvus (deceased), Sister: Shadedsun (living)
Apprentices: none


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