Frosty (RPED by Wetstream)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Fluffy silver she-cat with yellow eyes and tufted ears.
Personality: She is loud and excited. Frosty likes to interrupt other rogue's conversations, butting herself into the spotlight. However, she doesn't think twice before flashing her teeth at somebody if they anger her. She is very hotheaded and tends to jump to conclusions easily. She is quite the fighter however, but manages to cool down before she is forced to really harm another cat.
History: She was born a kittypet with her siblings and mother. Upon being abandoned in the streets, she learned how to survive in the wild. Frosty had a knack for climbing trees and hunting with Nibbles, her sister, so her family would live. After moons of getting use to loner life, her mother decided to become a kittypet with Nibbles. Frosty and her brother, Stratus declined, while their other sister, Misty, chose to find a group of cats to join. Frosty and Stratus then became rogues, fighting and stealing to survive the harsh conditions of the forest. Her brother believes he must protect and defend her against other rogues, but she is usually the one protecting him.
Family: Mother: Lilac, Sisters: Nibbles, Miststripe (formally Misty), Brother: Stratus


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