Franziska (RPED by Bluestar&Brightheart)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: White she-cat, with fluffy fur, and turquiose blue eyes
Personality: Franziska tends to be cold, arrogant, and unrelenting towards most cats she meets. Her father had pressured her into perfectionism at a young age, and even now, it still haunts her. She often swats cats with her claws to prove she's not weak, but she can easily lose her cool, when confronted. She always belived that perfectionism was everything, as it was all she ever learned. Anything but was punished heavily. But, she has learned from her mistakes, and does have a few friends, though she considers most her rivals. As well as speaking rather formally, she has a tendancy she refers to everyone by their entire name, and title. (Ex. NightClan Leader, Stormstar!) She also constantly uses the word 'fool' in conversations, and varations of said word.
History: When Franziska was quite young, her father brought an orphaned cat the stay with her, and her older sister. He, along with Franziska, and her sister, were all taught that perfection was all that mettered in life. He was relentless, and was a fearsome cat at the time. Eventually, Franziska's mother left, taking Anika with her. Franziska opted to stay, as she was far deeper in this mess than her older sister. She and Miles, who had become her adopted brother, were taught to attack cats that they met, and soon, became almost as feared as their father, Manfred. Eventually, Manfred was captured by NightClan, and executed for his crimes. Miles dissappeared from Franziska's life, and she remained an enemy to NightClan. Still, she made due with what she could, and is generally respectful of the borders. She stills treats any cat she meets like dirt, but she has no plans of murdering them.
Family: Manfred (Father, deceased) Nadine (Mother, status unknown) Anika (Sister, status unknown) Miles, (Adopted brother, status unknown)


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