Foxkit (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Foxkit is a beautiful sleek ginger she-cat with bat-like ears and evergreen jungle eyes. Her whiskers are long and nicely in order, including a furry coat that everyone would love to cuddle in. From far distances, many cats mistake her for a fox, with queens saying her face resembles one.
Personality: Foxkit can very timid, also bashful and shy. She prefers to be on her own, but she is only okay if she is around cats she is close to. Very lazy, Foxkit would rather stay in the camp than go hunt or fight. She loves food too.
History: Foxkit was originally a kittypet, being born to Cloudy. However, their Twoleg owners were evil and would hurt the cats, which is why the she-cat is very timid. Cloudy soon died and Foxkit was just left with her big sister Runningpaw, who was known simply as 'Kitty' back then, with the young kit called 'Tiny'. Running away, her sister took her with her and they stumbled into NightClan far in the forest. They were accepted in eventually after countless of cats laughed because they were kittypets. They have a long lost sister, Gabby, who is currently a loner. Given the name Foxkit, she is now happy and safe in the clan.
Family: Runningpaw (sister), Gabby (sister), Cloudy (mother; deceased)
Mother: Cloudy


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