Foxfur (RPED by Flamestar22)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Foxfur is a sleek, slender, stealthy orange tabby tom with amber eyes, black ears, paws and tail tip.
Personality: Foxfur is a stubborn tom. At times, he puts himself above others, but is still a loyal cat. He doesn't like to talk about his past much, and acts like none of it happened. He will do anything to protect his loved ones and his Clans.
History: Foxfur's parents were killed at birth to a rogue. After they died, the rogue brutally attacked him and almost killed him. He didn't know why, but the rogue seemed familiar to him. After getting attacked, and almost killed, he ran off into the forest. After running off, that's where he discovered NightClan, and joined them.
Family: Unknown, killed when he was born.
Apprentices: N/A


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